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In 2016, Medi Response established its new management and administration hub in the prestigious Melrose Arch precinct in Johannesburg.

Medi Response serves as the custodian of emergency medical services within the Melrose Arch precinct, where we conduct 24-hour emergency medical response services and operate an emergency care station that is made available to tenants and staff.


Medi Response is proudly affiliated with Cortac Security. In 2016, these two industry-expert organisations established a Joint Communications Centre, based in Johannesburg, Gauteng. From this nerve centre, qualified Emergency Medical Dispatchers coordinate a multitude of intricate functions among our service-offering departments, such as operational coordination, emergency call-taking and dispatch, using state-of-the-art dispatch software.

Medi Response’s EMS operation is strongly supported by Cortac, which has already established itself as a leader in the proactive security and armed response market.


Medi Response is also aligned with a number of other private EMS operators. These strategic business relationships assist our team in ensuring that, no matter where your call comes from, we are able to get professional and proficient assistance to you in any medical emergency.






In June 2009 when the Confederations Cup took place in South Africa, the tournament placed a substantial demand on the Johannesburg emergency services sector, due not only to the large volume of tourists and spectators visiting the country, but also as a result of an intense public ambulance service strike which was underway.  

It was 2am on a cold winter’s morning, when a distress call was received from a local guest house in the area close to where Hadley Shapiro, founder of Medi Response and an emergency care provider himself, resided. He responded promptly to the distress call in a rapid response vehicle to find a guest, who was visiting from Great Britain, in extreme pain after a fall. The grateful guest house manager, who had called in the incident, had been fearful of consequences prior to Shapiro's arrival, as no public ambulances had been available to assist. 

Thanks to the quick action from Medi Response and their strong network of private ambulance service providers, a private ambulance was summoned immediately, while Shapiro was able to provide the guest with emergency medical treatment on the scene. 


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